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Author Topic: Rules, Regulations, Laws  (Read 376 times)

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    • The Rules of Fly Fishing
Rules, Regulations, Laws
« on: June 26, 2012, 10:27:07 AM »

Work In Progress

1) Fly Fishing Only.... I will tolerate Tenkara and Czech Nymphing  : :)
2) It's okay to bust some balls, but do so courteously. Too much ball busting just to be heard, gets you banned
3) No porn, no manjunk. If it can get someone fired.. MUST have NSFW in the topic. (Not Safe For Work)
4) No Advertising your store, your flies, your products, your rods. If you want to sell, follow the rules in the "For Sale" section.
5) No F-bombs in any other section than the Tailgate Forum.
6) Any sort of threats to another member is not tolerated. You will be banned.
7) No spot burning. It sucks and we have all seen what happens when spots get burned.
8) No politics or religion. This chases away too many people. This is about fly fishing, and the life around fly fishing. Unless you are talking about the politics around saving a rivershed, fish stocking, or that fly fishing is your religion. Keep the rest out of it.

The idea of this forum, is one place for New England Fly Fisherman to talk Fly Fishing of New England.
The Shenanigans section is meant for anything non fly fishing related. The Political/Religious section is meant for all that crap that riles people up.

Keep it light hearted, keep it fun, share your reports and stories. The rules are simple. Don't be an asshole, don't act like a know it all, and take it all in stride. It's just the friggin internet.
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